On an average, an Organisation spends 75% of its IT budget maintaining the legacy systems. Operating your mission- critical business process in Legacy systems will lead to inefficiency. Polus has been assisting global corporations to transmigrate from legacy systems to systems that are built using emerging technologies and platforms. Application Migration is a specialized domain that demands in-depth functional knowledge and technical expertise. Whether it is an elementary migration or a multi-layered migration, we are geared up to assist your business with the transition process.

The dire need of migrating a legacy system to a modern enterprise application arise from the need to increase the operational efficiency, reduce cost of operations and improving business intelligence. Migration of application enables a business to preserve their business rules while saving money and reducing development efforts.

When it comes to application migration, Polus follow a well-defined and organized approach. Our well-planned approach helps business enterprises to meet their application transition objectives, which are critical to the achievement of their business goals.The extensive usage of open source technologies helps us to keep the costs down for application migration and maintenance. Our subject matter experts ensure that your mission critical processes retain their core essence while being efficient.

Our expertise in varied domains and technologies helps us to migrate legacy applications to scalable modern day applications with minimum risk and with maximum cost benefits. Our independent testing service ensures minimum defects while our database team ensures all your data are diligently migrated and tuned for performance. Our creative design team ensures that the new avatar of your application looks modern too.

Polus have been highly successful in our application migration approach, having successfully migrated many legacy systems to enterprise systems and also successfully completed many complex and innovative application porting projects for clients that required the extension of their software to one or more additional platforms.