Polus Solutions has been working with a number of institutions during their implementation of Kuali Coeus. We have provided both functional and technical support. Whether you are a Coeus institution looking to move to Kuali Coeus or you are new to the Coeus/ Kuali Coeus world we can help you through the process.

Our project management services can develop and manage a plan which will take into account your timeline, resources and objectives. We have been through a number of implementations and we can pass along our experience so you do not have to live through the same mistakes.

Our business analysis resources have worked with a number of schools during research administration application implementations as well as Kuali Financial System implementations. They understand the needs of the customer and can translate these requirements into successful implementation of the KC software.

Polus Solutions’ functional analysis experience is extensive. We have contributed to the design of Kuali Coeus and we have supported the Coeus application as resources for the Coeus Consortium. Kuali Coeus and Coeus are designed to be functionally equivalent. Having been involved with Coeus for so long provides an advantage over other vendors since we have a long history of supporting Coeus and helping institutions implement Coeus.

The technical assets of Polus Solutions have been the primary developers of Coeus. They have also been on the Kuali Coeus build team. They have been a significant resource in the effort to get Kuali Coeus to where it is today. In addition our developers can build stand alone and complimentary applications to Coeus and Kuali Coeus.