Polus Solutions is a company specializing in research administration systems. Our people have extensive experience with MIT’s Coeus® research administration system as well as the Kuali line of projects. Our goal is to consistently deliver the appropriate solution for the situation in a timely and cost effective manner. We strive to make all our deliverables to be of the highest level of quality. Our service model blends onsite, offsite and offshore – enabling us to provide a high quality product for a fraction of the cost of other firms. Our people have worked in sponsored programs offices as staff and as outside consultants working for a wide range of institutions. We understand both sides of the relationship and this gives us an understanding of what our clients need and how best to get them to their goals. Please take a minute and review what we have to offer. Polus Solutions can provide services from hosting to on site training. We can bring resources to the table that have years of experience in all areas of sponsored research and software specific to supporting research administration.