Business Intelligence

Polus delivers solutions that enhance reporting capabilities and improve business visibility. Our focus is to provide out of the box intelligent reporting solutions using the existing data of any application. This will function as a pluggable module, which can be integrated to any database and help generate reports from the database (eg:- BIRT reports, Crystal Reports, Jasper etc.). We enable gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make smarter business decisions.

Custom Reports Generation

Business enterprises always have to deal with competitive situations, and automatic operational methods are the best way to make any business enterprise more efficient. By having a flawless reporting system in place, one can get more insights to areas that need attention. Polus’s Reporting solutions help your business to increase productivity, save your company money, and make your job easier. The maximum extent of intelligence can be generated from the data based on the types of reports that can be custom-written. We help in generating custom reports based on client requirements, and also to integrate new reports to complement existing systems. This will enable on-the-fly analysis of legacy data, better understanding of data using visualization tools and Ad Hoc Reporting.

Polus successfully implemented the Custom reporting solutions to many ivy-league institutes of the United States of America to manage, track and derive valuable information from real time and legacy data. Our extensive expertise in ordering and analyzing data has helped our clients to make informed decisions.