Polus Solutions has extensive development resources available to build custom applications or expand on the Coeus and Kuali Coeus functionality. Our development team has been involved with the Kuali Coeus project from the beginning. They have also been the primary resource for Coeus development. We have worked with a number of institutions to support Coeus and Kuali Coeus by providing design and development expertise.

Some of our more specialized software offerings are the Kuali Coeus Overlay service and a mobility application which allows research administrators, investigators and approvers to not only view documents but also take actions on the documents. This application works for both Kuali Coeus and Coeus.


Kuali Coeus offers a rich base for research administration management. However to the end user the interface can be overwhelming. Providing the end user with an interface that makes their experience simple, efficient and complete should be one of the goals of any implementation. Polus Solutions has developed a product which will provide just such an experience. Polus Solutions’ Kuali Coeus Overlay product will allow institutions to tailor the user experience to their own requirements while still providing the complete functionality of the application. The best part is the overlay does not customize any of the base Kuali Coeus code. This will make taking upgrades and patches much easier compared to the traditional customization approach. When an institution wishes to upgrade to a newer version of Kuali Coeus they simply need to download the latest release, apply the overlay we have developed for them and conduct their normal upgrade testing procedures.


With Polus Solutions’ mobile app users can access proposals and protocols from mobile devices and an internet connection. The rich features of the mobile application will allow users to work with proposals and protocols without being tied to a computer. The mobile application can be run on iOS and Android devices. Being able to access either Kuali Coeus or Coeus will greatly increase your user’s access to the system. With the mobility app research administration becomes much more efficient by allowing users to conduct their work anywhere and anytime which is convenient for them.